IP Alternatives to Telstra Digital Data Services (DDS)
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Telstra has announced the decommissioning of its digital data service (DDS) network. Over the next 12 - 18 months large users of DDS will be seeking ways to keep their existing investment in hardware and migrate to faster and less expensive IP networks.

White Label Networks is now offering a managed service to banks and financial institutions that includes protocol converter hardware, IP network carriage services, network management and project management
. Their key focus for the next 2 years will be migrating banks from Telstra's legacy Digital Data Service(DDS), to fix wired and wireless IP services like GPRS and ADSL.

Brisbane based White Label Networks is now offering telecommunications and network migration project management as part of its transaction delivery package to banks and financial institutions.

Product Manager for White Label Networks, John Hacking, announced the new bundled strategy in a presentation held in Sydney last week to key stakeholders in the banking transaction community.

Mr Hacking said: “Banks can find it difficult to get the products they need at the right cost.

“Telcos do understand the need to migrate their customers from legacy systems to faster and cheaper IP networks.

“White Label Networks has developed the hardware to migrate banks from a Telstra DDS service that costs around $200 per month, to a DSL service at $120 per month or a wireless GPRS service costing $30 per month.”

The new product package includes their range of Axon legacy to IP protocol converters, the full spectrum of fixed wire and wireless IP network options, device network management plus project management expertise.

“Our focus for the next 2 years is to help banks migrate their fleets of EFTPOS and ATM devices from legacy lines to IP networks.” Mr Hacking said.

Australia’s telecommunications carriers are gradually shutting down their legacy systems, including X.25, Digital Data Services and PAPL (permitted attachment private line).

The banks face the challenge of migrating thousands of devices away from leased lines to new infrastructure in the next two to three years.

“With the move to triple DES, banks will have to upgrade their ATM hardware. This is a perfect opportunity for them to gradually migrate their fleets from legacy networks to IP.”

White Label networks is capitalising on the opportunity to help banks extend the service life of expensive ATM and EFTPOS fleets by supplying protocol converters and new and inexpensive IP services.

Mr Hacking said: “The great thing about IP services is that they are contestable.

“Unlike the traditional leased line market, competition has driven down the costs of DSL and GPRS products.

“Our customers benefit from this price competition and we can now bundle hardware, carriageFeature Articles, network management and project management into one managed service offer and present it on one monthly bill.”

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One of the best communication technologies that has ever been invented, cell phones are more than a necessity today. With the rapidly changing technology, cell phone has changed beyond recognition from technological as well as aesthetic perspective.

While earlier cell phone was used for basic communication purpose, the new age mobile with latest features and technologies double up as glamour items apart from their basic uyour GPRS enabledtilities.

To fascinate consumers, cell phone manufacturers keep adding new technologically advance features along with the glamour quotient. Now-a-days, many varieties of cell phones with their futuristic designs inadvertently arrest your attention. Any major technology you name today, and it`s available in this new age cell phone.

Apart from attractive and sleek look, cell phone also carries a sea of advance features. Starting from music storage facility to camera and video recording feature, from Java games to Internet connectivity including the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPRS; cell phones these days are full-fledged gadgets that have multi-tasking usability.

What is GPRS?

General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is one of the latest technologies incorporated in cell phones. It is a new non-voice mobile technology that allows the cell phone to get connected to the Internet in a faster and cheaper way. In other words, your cell phone can go on-line with it.

Unlike current digital wireless Net connections, no dial-up modem is necessary in GPRS service and it is ten times faster than current GSM networks. You can connect to the Internet at speed up to 171.2 kilobits per second (kbps) with GPRS enabled cell phones. Also you need to pay only for the data you transfer and not for your entire login time.

GPRS enabled cell phone lets you enjoy continuous wireless connection to Internet even when you are on the move. You can now get instant access to your favorite web sites, entertainment services and other web applications. Also, gaming is no longer restricted to the basic snake games. You can seamlessly download and enjoy all types of Java-enabled games.

Apart from the latest on-line games, here is a list of what you can do with this new cell phone technology

Remote LAN access:

You can access to different information types namely email, intranet, databases through the remote LAN setup feature of your GPRS enabled cell phone. The speed and latency of it make the date transmitted through remote LAN really fast.

Easy email access:

With constant Internet connectivity, checking Email on the enabled cell phone is really easy. What`s more, the alert mechanism of this new technology when linked with email service, will notify the users when a new email is received.

Web browsing:

You can enjoy faster browsing of Internet through the GPRS activated cell phone. With its document sharing and collaborative working feature, many people from different locations can work on the same document at the same time.

File transfer:

While downloading or transferring files, the info available could be one of the Internet communication methods such as telnet, FTP, HTTP, Java or from a proprietary database or legacy platform. The file transfer process is bandwidth intensive. However, the GPRS enabled cell phone`s high speed flow across a mobile network makes it really fast, no matter what type of file you want to transfer.


Thanks to your GPRS enabled cell phone, now you don`t need to set up your own group for chatting. Now you have access to all existing Internet chat groups and can join any of your preferred groups dedicated to cell phone users.

Images and video:

Your cell phone when activated with GPRS allows posting photographsComputer Technology Articles, greeting cards and even video presentations from a digital camera connected to a GPRS radio device directly to an Internet site.

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Orange Samsung Mobile Phone: A Blend of Best Network and Set
By Gale Weathers

Orange Samsung mobile phone is a new lure to mobile users. Orange, the leading network provider in the UK, offers Samsung handset along with their network. With an Orange Samsung mobile phone, availing the best handset along with the best network is absolutely possible. Besides, with some unmatched facilities, users can be more profitable. These are like special price with some terms and conditions, free weekend call facility for a specific period of time, free SMS within the country and so on.

With an Orange Samsung mobile phone, a user can avail Pay-as-you-go plan, which is considered as the cheapest plan of Orange networks. With this deal, users can avail various sets of Samsung Mobile phones. These are like,

•Samsung C120

•Samsung D600

•Samsung D900

•Samsung E350

•Samsung E370

•Samsung E900

•Samsung X700

•Samsung Z400 and many more.

Samsung mobile sets are featured with various tools. With these handsets, one can enjoy Bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE, WAP browser and many others. Grab the booming communication easily with an Orange Samsung mobile phone.

If you are a music lover, the latest Samsung mobile phone SGH-X will be your perfect pleasure. The facilities of large, top-class display, microSD memory card slot, 1.3 mega pixel camera, EDGE class 10, stereo Bluetooth earphones etc have made the set technically very-sound. On the other hand, for style-seekers SGH-D500 can caste the spell of ultimate fashion. The sliding mobile has been equipped with all ultra modern technologies. These are as follows,

•An antenna

•80MB storage capacity

•A 1.3 mega pixel camera along with flash

•Video recording and messaging


•64 polyphonic ring tones

•An MP3 music player etc.

The availability of an Orange Samsung mobile phone is not a big deal nowadays. You needn’t take any extra effort for that, as various online shops offer Orange Samsung mobile phones. Just visit their sites and collect your favorite Samsung mobile phone at a reasonable price.

So, what else are you waiting for? In order to grab the best mobile phone along with best network, apply for an Orange Samsung Mobile phone.

Gale Weathers is an expert and currently related to Orange Mobile Phones. She has completed the masters degree in mobile computing from the university of Wales. For further details of Samsung D900, Orange mobile phones, Orange Samsung mobile phone, Orange mobile phones teriffs, Cheap Orange Mobile Phones, Buy Orange Mobile Phones visit http://www.orangemobilephones.org.uk/

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Samsung F300 vs Samsung U300 - Two Flag Bearers of Samsung's Innovativeness
By Elizabeth Wills

Elegant, innovative, powerful. The three words suit exactly to what a Samsung F300 and its counterpart from the family of U-series Ultra-Edition II phones U300 is. Uncanny similarity in numerical attribution but different in exemplifying sophistication. If Samsung been long in drawing squares with its tried and tested slider mobile phones, both these phones are refreshingly different in terms of looks. To the credit o Samsung, this South Korean electronic giant has manifested difference in a perfect symmetry to functioning, and designed two awe-inspiring beauties in the name of F300 and U300.

Speaking of F300, the phone is first of its kind to integrate dual slide opening display screen. Specifically aimed to cater to the music segment, Samsung F300 integrates a stereo FM radio, powerful speakers, a music player supporting files of MP3, AAC, AAC+, WMA formats, memory expansion slot in addition to the inbuilt 128 MB internal memory, and dedicated buttons to have an one-touch access to music. Add to this, the candy-bar phone houses a 2 megapixel camera that takes still images of 1600x1200 pixels and video in QVGA resolution. Samsung F300 supports GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth and USB file types and comes platter full with options for faster data transfer.

Samsung U300, unlike its F300 sibling, is a clamshell phone representing the Ultra Edition II series of phones from Samsung. The metallic finish with sleek and razor sharp look makes this phone stand out in the crowd of mediocrity. Leaving alone the look, the feature list of this phone spells of a 3 megapixel camera with capacity to capture images of 2048x1536 pixels resolution and a media player with ability to run files of MP3, ACC, eAAC+, WMA, WMDRM, MPEG4, and H.263 formats. Add to this, there is an inbuilt allocation of 70 MB of internal memory, a powerful internet browser and e-mail client that comes full with this phone's supports for GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth and USB.

Both Samsung F300 and Samsung U300 mobile phones stand to experience a huge chunk of popularity by being different in integrating advanced technology in a altogether different design. Both are successful in representing style and substance in their own respective ways.

To get some of the best deals on latest mobile phones like Samsung F300 and Samsung U300 in UK, please visit the site.

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Cellular router enables 3G or GPRS connectivity to industrial equipment
By leon mengot

Now, thanks to the Connectport WAN VPN, a next- generation cellular router designed to connect RS232 or Ethernet devices in-the-field directly to an internet facing PC, remote sites that previously could not connect to the internet can be networked and web connections made from mobile devices on busses, trains and in cars using the roaming functionality of cellular networks, which is great for data communication.

With support for GPRS, 3G and HSDPA the unit can provide connectivity via any network – simply put the appropriate SIM card into the unit, adjust two of the configuration settings and power up.

The Connectport WAN VPN is targeted at mid- to high-end applications in outdoor or industrial environments. Solid metal construction and a wide -30°C to +60°C operating temperature allows the unit to be deployed almost anywhere in the world. E1 approval means the unit can be used directly on trains, busses and cars. It also provides evidence of the excellent EMC and mechanical characteristics of the enclosure.

The dual RS232 ports can be configured as Virtual COM ports in a remote PC or operate in a TCP server / client mode of operation. This can be especially useful when connecting to serial devices that intermittently output RS232 data. When data is present, the Connectport WAN VPN can create a connection to a remote server, transfer the ASCII message and drop the connection once finished. If an always-on connection is preferred, the ‘Sure-link’ heartbeat facility will keep the connection alive.

A built-in 4-port switch allows four Ethernet devices to connect directly to the Connectport WAN VPN without the requirement for an additional switch and its associated power / mounting requirements. Extensive routing functions including NAT, PAT (port forwarding) and VPN gives the unit the flexibility to perform in any way the system architecture dictates.

When used in conjunction with static IP addressed SIMs, the RS232 and Ethernet devices attached can be connected to directly (not normally possible with standard SIMs) from any internet facing PC in the world. This is an extremely powerful solution that allows entire fleets of vehicles or thousands of static devices across continents to be accessed in real-time from a single central server.

The ability to build mobile IP networks that span entire continents will facilitate new ways of working not previously imagined. The Connectport WAN VPN is one of the most exciting and innovative product that is helping to develop industrial Computers and data communication.

Amplicon Ltd

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Motorola V3 im Razr mobile the ultimate iTunes mobile Phone
By Patrick Altoft

Yet another Motorola mobile handset destined for mobile phone stardom, the Motorola V3im a quad band mobile phone, with all the features you would expect from a motorola mobile phone plus more, in particular Apple iTunes®. Motorola mobiles typically have a good history with cool modern sleek designed mobile phones, The V3 by Motorola is no different a great mobile phone with memory expansion for Micro SD formerly Transflash, GPRS for mobile internet a 2 Meg Motorola camera & a range of other mobile features from MMS to Polyphonic ring tones. The Motorola V3 mobile has a laser cut keypad which is a stylish metal feature the V3 also has an electric blue backlight. The features really do make this a cheap mobile phone for its money, like quad-band GSM, for global calls almost anywhere. The Motorola V3 im mobile phone is so thin and light you’ll forget its there.

The Motorola V3 Mobile Phone range is available on Orange mobile, Vodafone mobile, O2 mobile & T Mobile, Virgin mobile & 3 mobile visit - www.mobile-heaven.com or www.mobilebay.co.uk

If you are not a fan of Motorola mobile phones why not check out some Nokia mobile phones especially the latest Nokia N80 arriving soon. Be one of the first to get one, visit mobilebay.co.uk to be kept informed of the Nokia N80.The latest 3G Nokia N80 on Orange allows you to achieve your personal and professional goals, a 3.0 meg digital camera, mobile email, digital music player, personal organizer, mobile phone game console, 256k colour for memorable 3g video calls and WLAN connectivity,

The 3G Nokia N80 on Orange even uses Symbian advanced open standard OS, including multi-tasking multithreaded core, user interface frame work, data service enablers, application engines & integrated PIM functionality.

Can you believe it wireless local area network connection, data enabled and music, truly Nokia's most advanced all-in-one mobile phone yet.Great if you want the latest up to date technology combined with the reliability of having a Nokia handset.

Check out www.mobile-heaven.com for more cool mobile phones and the latest ringtones.

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Setting GPRS PC to / computer.

Want setting gprs pc or computer; Sometimes we assume inconsequential a theory, possible easy to to comprehending it, but at execution mainstream not yet of course we can do it.

for example is the way of accessing internet use HP, That Facility possible in HP we have mounth even years but because us shy at to be able to use that facility, we do not disregard it.

So also when us asked about a science access internet use mobile or handphone (HP) as modem, theoretically is easy to, but what is correctness?

you please try.

When difficulty possible some from we to be able to ask it to operator of GSM / cdma, but its answer of standard do not yield solution, ( forgiveness to operator owner of HP or is coresponding, this realita that happened".

To which have tried and feel difficulty, hopefully this article can assist you all.

Writer have felt how is difficult of him get a this science, almost one week new writer earn that science, don't know how much/many money which have been released for the shake of feeling satisfaction " can access internet of computer use HP as modem"

Condition its use .

1. owning HP with facility of GPRS.

2. your card have facility of GPRS, good activated by manual, pass operator and or online.

way of manual : hp mensetting with certain settingan.

: ( mentari, im3) situs http://settinggprsnmms.blogspot.com
pass operator : typing....... send to no ............

: ( simpati, xl) info continue .......

way of online : regestrasi use internet.

: ( mentari) continue.....info in (http://settingpgrsnmms.blogspot.com)

3. owning data cable.

this fair to middling cable enough its price from 20 thousand until hundred thousand rupiah.

4. having HP driver, good of Wafting CD of hp or if not yet had, click here.

5. after all conducted, you need computer setting / its You PC of him hereunder.


1. click of Star-Control modem and panel-phone.

2. click of modem-add.

3. giving checklist at " Detect Don't..........", click Next.

4. click of havedisk, browse to CD / file of driver result of downloadan.

5. click at modem according to HP, select;choose port according to instalan.

6. if succeeding at modem emerge type of modem its port and.

7. then at panel control click connection network.

8. click of create connection-next new.

9. select;choose internet the to connent.

10.pilih setting manually-next connection my up.

11.pilih modem-next dial-up a using connect.

12.pada ISP type according to card ( come from nor become problem )-next
13.phone number as according to tables of below/under.

: *99***1# : mentari, simpati, XL, halo, matrix, im3.

: # 777 : fren, star one, flexi.


15. for user and password correspond to data this down.

setting mentari.

user : indosat.

password : indosat.

setting simpati and Halo.

user : wap.

password : wap123.

setting matrix.

user : emptying.

password : emptying.

seting im3

user : gprs.

password : im3.

setting fren

user : m8.

password : m8.

setting flexi

user : telkomnet@flexi.

password : telkom.

setting starone

user : starone.

password : indosat.

setting xl

user : xlgprs.

password : proxl.


17.cheklist at " shortcut a add........."

18.klik finish.

19.klik 2x shortcut which emerge screen.

20.klik Dial.

21.enjoy :)

Setting GPRS to PC/Komputer

Terkadang kita menganggap remeh sebuah teori, mungkin mudah untuk memahaminya, tapi pada tataran pelaksanaan belum tentu kita bisa melakukannya.
sebagai contoh adalah cara mengakses internet menggunakan HP, Fasilitas itu mungkin ada di HP kita sudah berbulan2 bahkan bertahun2 tapi karena
kita enggan untuk dapat menggunakan fasilitas itu, kita tidak mengabaikannya.
Begitu pula ketika kita ditanya tentang sebuah ilmu mengakses internet menggunakan HP sebagai modem, secara teoritis itu mudah, tapi apakah benar?
silahkan anda coba.
Ketika kesulitan mungkin beberapa dari kita untuk dapat menanyakannya kepada operator GSM/CDMA, tapi jawabannya standard tidak menghasilkan solusi,
(maaf bagi yang punya operator HP atau yang berhubungan, ini realita yang terjadi".

Bagi yang sudah mencoba dan merasa kesulitan, semoga tulisan ini dapat membantu anda semua.
Penulis pernah merasakan bagaimana sulitnya mendapatkan sebuah ilmu ini, hampir seminggu penulis baru dapat ilmu itu, entah berapa uang yang sudah
dikeluarkan demi merasakan kepuasan "bisa akses internet dari komputer menggunakan handphone or hp sebagai modem"

Syarat penggunaannya adalah
1. memiliki HP dengan fasilitas GPRS.
2. kartu anda mempunyai fasilitas GPRS, baik diaktifkan dengan cara manual, lewat operator ataupun online.
cara manual : mensetting hp dengan settingan tertentu.
(mentari, im3) situs .......info http://settinggprsnmms.blogspot.com
lewat operator : mengetik....... kirim ke no ............
(simpati, bebas) info lanjut di http://settinggprsnmms.blogspot.com
cara online : regestrasi menggunakan internet.
(mentari) lanjut.....http://settinggprsnmms.blogspot.com
3. memiliki kabel data.
ini kabel cukup lumayan harganya dari 20rb-ratusan ribu.
4. mempunyai driver HP, baik CD bawaan hp atau kalau belum punya, klik disini.
5. setelah semua dilakukan, anda perlu mensetting komputer/PC anda settingannya dibawah ini.

Setting PC/Komputer
1. Klik star-control panel-phone and modem.
2. klik modem-add
3. beri checklist pada "Don't detect..........", klik Next
4. klik havedisk, browse ke CD/file driver hasil downloadan.
5. klik pada modem sesuai HP, pilih port sesuai instalan
6. jika berhasil pada modem muncul jenis modem dan port-nya.
7. lalu pada control panel klik network connection
8. klik create new connection-next
9. pilih connent to the internet
10.pilih set up my connection manually-next.
11.pilih connect using a dial-up modem-next
12.pada ISP ketik sesuai kartu (asal juga tidak menjadi masalah)-next
13.phone number sesuai dengan tabel dibawah
*99***1# : Mentari, simpati, XL, halo, matrix, im3
#777 : fren, star one, flexi
15.untuk user dan password sesuaikan dengan data dibawh ini.

user : indosat
password : indosat

Simpati dan Halo
user : wap
password : wap123

user : kosongkan
password : kosongkan

user : gprs
password : im3

user : m8
password : m8

user : telkomnet@flexi
password : telkom

user : starone
password : indosat

user : xlgprs
password : proxl

17.cheklist pada "add a shortcut........."
18.klik finish
19.klik 2x shortcut yang muncul dilayar
20.klik Dial
21.enjoy :)